Our Chinese Medicine & Chinese Acupuncture Services in Brisbane

The treatments in our clinic include traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation plus Acupuncture Brisbane.

How does Chinese herb medicine work?

Herbal medicine is a major pillar of Chinese medicine. There are about 600 different herbs in common use today. The Chinese Medicine practitioners usually create formulas based on TCM theories and principles, usually they contain at least four to twenty herbs. Pre-made formulas are available as pills, tablets, capsules, powders, alcohol-extracts, water-extracts, etc. The modern way of delivering herbs is through granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts. These powders are made by first preparing the herbs as a traditional decoction. The decoction is then dehydrated to leave a powder residue. Practitioners can then mix these powders together for each patient into a custom formula. The powder is then placed in hot water to recreate the decoction. This eliminates the need to prepare the herbs at home, but still retains much of the original decoction's potency.

How does Acupuncture work?

The practice of acupuncture is based on the theory of meridians. According to this theory, qi (vital energy) and blood circulate in the body through a system of channels called meridians, connecting internal organs with external organs or tissues. By stimulating certain points of the body surface reached by meridians through needling, the flow of qi and blood can be regulated and diseases are thus treated. These stimulation points are called acupuncture points, or acupoints.

In summary, the integration of herbal and acupuncture treatment is the essence of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture treatment is accomplished by stimulating certain areas of the external body meanwhile herbal medicine acts on zang-fu organs internally. The professional TCM practitioners usually combine these two typical methods to treat your health problems. The accurate Chinese medical diagnosis will ensure the effectiveness of herbal and acupuncture treatment. The knowledge, skills and techniques of the practitioner will also greatly influence the effectiveness of the outcome. The remarkably effective evidence of herb and acupuncture on many health conditions has been documented.

What is the betterway healing in our clinic?

In our clinics, Chinese Medicine specialist & Acupuncturist Yuan Liu usually combines the Chinese Medicine Consultation and acupuncture in her treatments. Yuan has owned a reputation of accurate tongue and pulse diagnosis.